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Spiroflex d.o.o.
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Spiroflex values

Spiroflex bellows and expansion joints are designed, produced and tested under standards:

  • EJMA Expansion Joints Manufacturers Association
  • EN 14917:2009+A1:2012 Metal bellows expansion joints for pressure applications


Customized designes
More than 70% of products from our production program are customized solutions. It means that we make design and produce bellows or expansion joints in accordance with customer requirements. Furthermore, we are often involved with our customers in design and development of new products.


High technology
Spiroflex has a high level of technology, quality and permanent technological improvement. Our well educated staff, high level equipment, modern technology and positive manufacturing environment are guarantee for our success.


On-time delivery
You can count on us that ordered goods will be always delivered on time. One of our global customer yearly has measured our success in delivering goods on time. In a last few years we have achieved 98 to 100 % delivery performance and we had a 100-140 deliveries per year for the same customer.


Spiroflex products are over 55% exported, mostly in European Union, East Europe and Asia. Our customers are well-known and successful companies and we thank them for repeated orders.

Flexibility and leak tightness on the high level
The production of bellows starts with manufacturing of thin - walled tubes. the tubes are made from thin plates with thickness 0,1 to 1,5 mm and they are longitudinally welded in automatic process. The tubes are inserted into each other and this tube packages are prepared for forming process. spiroflex has three forming process.

Spiroflex metal bellows are:

  • resistant to pressure and temperature
  • has high flexibility
  • accepts axial, lateral, angular movements and vibrations
  • suitable for vacuum