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Quality Assurance

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Quality policy

Quality policy is a part of long-term policy of company Spiroflex, in order to achieve all legal commitments, contracted requirements, protection of health and people safety, assets and environment.
Main objective of the company from the quality standpoint is to accomplish all agreed requirements i.e. fulfilment of expected buyers requirements. To achieve these objectives, full engagement of all company employees is necessary.


Quality policy is based on the following principles:

  • The buyer is the most important factor in reaching quality policy and objectives.
  • The buyer is placing quality demands and defines if our product or service is fulfilling requirements i.e. defines product usage suitability.
  • We develop buyers relationship in accordance to mutual trust and efficient problem solving.
  • Our suppliers are significant element in reaching the quality of our products. Therefore special attention is paid to choice of suppliers.
  • The management is authorized and responsible for pursuing quality policy and objectives, and all quality management system with aim of development and improvement.
  • Company employees are fundamental resource and realizer of quality management system.
  • By acquiring the most modern equipment, we maintain our infrastructure and work environment.


The company is constantly improving documented quality management system in accordance to standard ISO 9001:2008 which has been confirmed by supervising institution.