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Metal bellows

Metal sealing bellows in valves

Metal bellows sealed valves are a new kind of valves engineered and designed to prevent leakage to atmosphere and are used for hermetical sealing. They are made from stainless steel or nickel alloys. Bellows sealing are optimum choice in valves for toxic, inflammable, corrosive, radioactive and poisonous media. Furthermore for vacuum valves, hot oil valves, ammonia valves, steam valves, high pressure and high temperature valves. These valves guarantee „zero leakage“ and are also known as the best available valves which eliminate media loss and reduce the risks and monitoring costs.

Metal sealing bellows for thermostatic valves


Metal sealing bellows for valves

Metal sealing bellows for valves

Hermetically sealed stainless steel metal bellows for oil expansion. Helium leak tested at 1×10-7 mbar•l•s-1


The metal bellows for oil expansion DN300

Metal expansion bellows


Bellows-oil expansion device at instrument transformer