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Hinged expansion joints

Hinged single expansion joint consists of metal bellows, flanges or pipe ends and restraint system with axis of rotation. The hinged expansion joint can only accept angular movement. The pressure load produced by internal pressure is constrained by hinged parts and it is not necessary to install strong fix points and robust guiding in piping system. The pair of hinged expansion joints is convenient for pipeline with long movements.

Customized designs on demand


Typ: HSP

Angular expansion joint with pipe ends

Typ: HSF

Angular expansion joint with flanges

Project pressure Project temperature Nominal diameters Materials
Bellows Flanges, pipe ends, hinges
6, 10, 16, 25 bar 300 °C DN50 – DN600 1.4541 carbon or stainless steel

All special designs related to other sizes of nominal diameter, pressure ratings and lengths on request.